The Voice of Joyce: Big Business is Government!





Politics as usual.  The blurring of Government and Private Business!  It’s evident in our lack of power over big business and outsourcing.


  • I recently attempted to transfer money from TD bank to a relative. This function has been outsourced to a third party making online banking  insecure.
  • Ever try to reach customer service, you can’t locate Americans in most of this business.
  • We’ve added $248billion to our defense budget because we outsource boots on the ground to Mercenaries. See attached Atlantic Article.
  • Congress outsources their responsibility for creating laws to powerful Lobbyists.
  • The money flowing through SuperPACS , created by Billionaires to support candidates of their choice , passes through consultants who feed off the SuperPAC trough.
  • You could reinstate one man one vote, if “we the people ” became involved in our destiny.
  • Policy shows us who counts. Clearly the Middle Class and those sliding into poverty don’t count at all!

All our laws favor big business! The profits of Big Business is the life blood literally of Politics. It shapes our Federal Budget while,  “we the people” lose out.

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