The Voice of Joyce: bold moves




I read the news today, oh no! It was pitiful as it accurately depicts American’s pain.
Voting rights law undermined;  Minorities challenged; watch out for the ” Old system” that can be hacked.  ” We’ll fix it next election”;  the old refrain!  Really?   The list goes on. We need monitors to insure fairness in voting. We are worse then a third world country, we’ve legalized corruption and created the most unequal of civilized nations .

Our problems started when we rewarded Wall Street over Main Street.  The consequences of  major Corporations  rewarding themselves and shareholders, a lack of innovation and outsourcing of jobs to maximize profits.
If we changed our policies we could have prosperity instead of discontent and disillusionment. How can “we ” continue to whine about what’s wrong without fixing the problem?

If you’re happy shut up and remain destitute or else insist on meaningful change in our lives. I can’t be a cheerleader without you , the American public. I know what can be and I’m saddened by everyone’s resignation. Do you really like our choices of Hillary or Trump?
This is the time for bold moves. 

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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