The voice of Joyce: a Parable for our Time ” the Hunger Games” redux







Dear Followers, I thought this bedtime tale might explain “our State of Inequality” .  Please  read and comment.  We can discuss your thoughts tomorrow on Periscope@11am.  Look for Joyce: America Speaks. 


If ” we are united” ,  we can  overcome our State of Inequality.


Our story begins, like all fairy tales, with  a land that flowed with “Milk and Honey”.   New immigrants came to our shores over the Centuries, we used their skills,  and we all prospered. There was equal opportunity for all. Everyone needed stuff. We had come out of the dark ages and we needed health care, education, housing,  electricity, transportation ,  plumbing and so much more!

With our  newly created wealth and new found mobility we travelled to foreign lands. Some of us , who had more money then the rest , liked what they saw and gave the starving foreigners the tools  to make cheap products for the more developed countries.


These Business men, didn’t do these deeds out of the goodness of their hearts.   Rather,  they saw a way to make the goods and products now produced in their home Countries cheaper  giving them a competitive edge and enormous profits.  40% profits were unheard of previously.   Did the people of the newly emerging industrial Countries become wealthier, yes and no!   The people in the newly developed Countries made more money then before, but they suffered from poor working conditions and the lack of “real wealth”.  Wealth was reserved for the Ruling Classes, the lucky few and their families and friends, who were enticed into living a lavish life style, while their people struggled to produce more.     Everyone was happy for a while.


This revolution in Globalization wasn’t founded overnight, it took decades.   No one noticed or cared when the first 1000 lost their jobs.  No one cared when  a small group of individuals became very wealthy , while those who  lost their jobs became poorer!  Eventually, many would be unable to purchase the “new” products made cheaply by foreign hands.


The few who ruled our once prosperous country refused  to reinstate the  Laws , that  once favored the  upward mobility of  the Middle Class.  Corporate interests became more important then the needs of “we the people”! 


Destitution for the many became a way of life in the original developed Nations.  The States of Inequality emerged ,  my Land that once flowed with” Milk and Honey”  became the most unequal of all the other developed Nations.

The wealthy who had established the major Businesses now claimed to be foreign Corporations not taxable under the new laws.   They had no need of Country.  The world belonged to them and they had the money to travel wherever they wished and visit with the newly created elites in once Foreign Lands.  Elites have no Boundaries.  Boundaries were only imposed on the Billions who lived  marginally or in poverty.


A few Economists,  intellectuals, Bloggers, journalists, film and theater producers spoke and wrote about the “cancer” that spread upon their Societies, crying out as loudly as they could, warning of the unending need to satisfy the cravings of this newly formed  networked Global elite class.  Did anyone listen before the “Turbulence” began?
Like any fairy tale,  there is sometimes a turbulent time and much misfortune,  before the land of Milk and Honey returns and everyone lives happily ever after.   So it was in my Land.     Wars, pestilence and famine was forcing people all over the World to migrate and seek a better life. Like so many other times before, no one wanted the refugees. Not because they were selfish, but because they could not feed themselves.  The people in the once developed Nations had been prosperous, now they were falling rapidly into poverty.  They couldn’t support their own families, how could they support the multitudes seeking refuge from places far worse off ?


Having been brought up to share, the poor people failed to realize, that it wasn’t them who had to make the sacrifice.  The elite groups benefiting from everyone else’s misery, should  have willingly become the Savior’s of the poor and oppressed.  But that only happens in Fairy Tales, in real life, the Global elite only satisfy their own needs.


If 73+ million people voted for a new face as President and new faces in Congress, we could alter our destiny without bloodshed .   We could avoid the “Turbulent Times”.

  • We could tax Corporations effectively and bring revenue into government and spend that revenue wisely and with accountability.
  •   We could analyze and audit every institution and determine the real needs of our Country and “we the People”
  • We could start creating new jobs to strengthen our crumbling infrastructure and put millions to work with the knowledge that upward mobility would be theirs again.
  • Who  among us, is brave enough to stand up to a few,  so the multitudes may live?

If Hillary wins , we continue as pawns, Big banks and Corporations support her.   Middle Class needs are not mentioned!  She has an incentive  to keep the industrial military complex alive.   She may bomb Syria?   Dennis Ross is already advocating War ! That’s  always been  the way forward to Peace and prosperity?  War!


If Trump wins , the Lobbyists are singing in the streets once again,   he’s no friend to “we the People, he intends to lower taxes for major Corporations,  making 50% profit a realistic goal perhaps?    Of course , he just might build that wall between  Us and Mexico?  I’d hope he’d  use  our abundant labor pool to build it.  It would have to be quite sturdy because after the Central American wave hits the Wall, the Multitudes from South America,  Africa and the Middle East will  follow!  There are 110 million refugees in the World now.  What happens when drought and famine continues?

Two bad choices because both are part of the elite global group and do not care about the Middle and Lower classes  suffering.   To survive we must choose a third way, a leader with vision,  you could choose me or anyone one,   you  “the People” ,deemed acceptable,  to lead 360 million in a land  that once flowed with “Milk and Honey”.  The choice dear followers, is yours.  This is indeed a pivotal time in our history.  The turbulence has not yet begun!


Our world is crying out for accountable economic stimulus !!!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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