Joyce:AmericaSpeaks: Periscope@11am Let’s start the Revolution!

Dear followers:


Tune in to Periscope at 11am.  We’ll discuss the 2 latest exposes on Trump v Hillary!!!!

You’ll be revolted, enough to revolt!

Read my published Blog Post this morning, citing The New York Times investigative reporting on Trump and Hillary .

I’m running for President, seriously, under our Party: AmericaSpeaks.US

Join me and you choose our Vice President.

Look for my replies to your comments @AmericaSpeaks.US.

See you at 11am this morning.  Our count down has begun.  To be on every Ballot we have until 10/7/16 in every State, this applies to Petitions posted, as well.

All the best.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



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