Joyce: Periscope @11am Personal Credit Rating experience v Government Debt

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Today and Friday on Periscope, I’d like to share two choices that effect my World and yours.  Let’s learn from our experiences.  I encourage you , my dear followers, to  share your stories with us @11am , as well.
Choice #1/ Finances at the Micro Level

I confess, while I’ve been happily studying and reporting on the American Economy , I put my personal finances on hold until I realized my spending was depleting my assets.  I quickly thought of  lowering my monthly costs, by refinancing my mortgage.  Two brokers, told me that would be impossible with my recent credit rating score?  I was perplexed.  I had very little debt, what had gone wrong?   I sought a 3rd  professional licensed financial planner for help and  finally, received step by step information and advice!


Last night,   I invested in myself , checked out my credit score and reports and have pledged to clean up inaccuracies ASAP.    I’m happy to share what I’ve found.


Tune in today at 11 am for a discussion on ” restoring our credit”.   Credit ratings effect our personal financial choices.  They may limit our ability to own a home, finance a  car,  a mortgage or obtain favorable credit card rates.  What should we do?


Looking forward to swapping stories at 1am.
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