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  • No bid grants increase the continued hiring of the same “players”
  • Every Military project I bid had 25% waste built in due to “proprietary product” designations.  In carpeting and tile, nothing is proprietary!
  • Military contracts are revolving budgetary items that may or may not be used within 2 years.  What happens to the overage?  It gets resold to the public after 2 years.  The waste totals Millions or Billions , as we are forced to absorb their excess.
  • If you’re  wondering why our Police Departments  are Militarized?  No need to wonder, it’s the surplus!


If parents can voice their displeasure at  the  rising costs of Epi-Pens, why can’t we the people ask for oversight over Military Budgets?


Cutting  Waste should be a priority to fund other programs that benefit society.


It’s not the American worker that under produces,  rather Manufacturers produce excess goods,  most are first quality and those deemed seconds, go oversees.  Our levels of contractual output outpaces our demand.


Let’s be realistic when forming budgets and start reallocating funds for our society; there can be money available for education, social welfare, infrastructure, parks, FDA,EPA , NIH,NASA and so many more institutions that require growth.  If we budget judicially, we’ll have money for equal opportunity for all.


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