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Joyce: AmericaSpeaks.US:  group think! We can have an  intelligent revolution, even though, many “other’s” believe there will be no change without a major War or a “French style” Revolution?   The predictions are dire, more stagnation, more Inequality, less equal opportunity,  unless and until, “we the people’, become involved and vote locally to get rid of “mean spirited” lawmakers
So I must ask, With so many bright people  on the side lines can’t we come up with a proactive way to resurrect our economy?   Why can’t we find a way to  give every one a fair share and equal opportunity?
A long list of grievances exist with an equal # of solutions.   All we need, and there’s the rub, is the will to actually work together to create an inclusive not exclusive society. 
We also need a new law:   a new law that requires law makers to be legally bound by Fiduciary Responsibility. Then they can do no harm!

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2 thoughts on “Joyce:AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Do No Harm! 

  1. My idea: those with gazillions of dollars should join in small groups to form an entrepreneaurial consortium the purpose of which is to start several small businesses owned by them but employing thousands.

    1. Good idea. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps we should go a step further, they get a share , they get to advise, but not total control. We need innovation and their cash at all levels of technology and society.

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