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Let’s chat at 11 am.  Infrastructure is more then brick and mortar ! Let’s discuss!

Infrastructure is the backbone of our nation; we all know it’s the solution to our economic woes, but have we considered what it means to have a strong enduring infrastructure?
Infrastructure supports our outside World ; however, lest we forget, our core infrastructure enables “us” to survive in any environment , too!

We deny building and maintaining  infrastructure at our peril! 

In our Cities, we overbuild without infrastructure which leads to Communities lacking services, transportation , supermarkets , schools, support services. The list is long as we work thru a glut of housing without infrastructure.

Our old cities need diverse infrastructure: work on the electric grid, improved transportation above and below ground , smart city monitoring of services to ease the burden on the ever growing population congestion. In NY we have too few supermarkets. High rents are driving out Mom and Pop, the see thru buildings of the last recession will return. Construction , endless construction, with no plan for the needs of the people, is creating a harried distracted population.

Many  now lack the  personal infrastructure to survive these stressful times. We’ve become emotionally fragile   trying to fit into the gig economy while, giving up our dreams and passions for a better life.  So many fragile people lack the basic infrastructure to survive.  They need a reason to live,  a reason to feel passion for another or a cause. When none exists, we are left with fragile people unable to cope with this new harsh reality. They lack the inner strength to survive, their core infrastructure is never molded or nurtured properly.  Just like our Brick and Mortar world, our body can’t survive without a renewal of our core either!

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