Joyce:Periscope@11am Live from the Carnegie Deli 




Dear followers
You asked for it,  I’m doing it. See you later at the Carnegie Deli. You can place your orders too! We’ll schmooze( shoot the breeze, relax) and what will be, will be.  Your choice!

See you at 11 am. 

I didn’t wish to ignore our two viewers from the Ukraine and Nigeria.   I read and felt sad for both of you and your Countrymen!

  • For our Ukrainian friend. Much luck. I read about the military exercises on your border. An expensive game of chicken?   And thought, like Woody Allen before me, we should order 100,000 Danish pastries to go from the Carnegie Deli?  Air drop them to the soldiers and maybe we could decrease the tension in a few seconds, assuming they don’t shoot our sweet offering out of the sky?! Good luck. When situations are tense, I hope you didn’t mind a little humor?


  • And to our Nigerian friend, I’m hoping bombing Boko Haram is successful and you can rid them from your Nation. Peace to you and yours! You’ll need all your wits to overcome your jobs downturn and rising inflation. So sorry!
  • I remain, waiting for everyone to rejoin us, at the Carnegie Deli, get the tour and ask your questions.  See you later!

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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