The voice of Joyce: You asked, I’m doing! 





Dear followers:

You asked for it and I’m doing it. You can say Hi! to me at the Barclay Center , Brooklyn, on Saturday!  Watching , I’m told, for the Philippine Singer in” ASAP”, with a special request for a selfie , to be given to my Friend Rhodora!!!

See you at 4pm at the center,  broadcasting on Periscope , if possible.  This is a live concert, unlike Rossini’s Cinderella.  An HD production at the Met Opera Plaza, that I filmed on Periscope last night!

On a serious note, for those pursuing an  Experian’s credit report and FICA score with an Apple product other then an iPhone or iPad , forget about it!!! They’re not compatible with more stationary Apple products . Don’t bother calling, it’s a waste of time. Write for your report and  score @ Experian ; PO Box 2002, Allen, Texas 75013. 


  • Include copies of your utility bill, Federal or State ID, drivers license is ok. Include name, address, a copy of your SS card, or W2  and birth date.
  • They certainly are not consumer friendly and have the Chutzpah to ask Apple to comply with their “inadequate ” software!  LOL

Good luck cleaning up  inaccuracies!  
Once again, see you at the Barclay Center on Periscope any time from 3 pm on , if I’m allowed!

All the best. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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