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Dear Followers:


The more I learn , the more I’m convinced, all Laws that  ensure our Equality have been written. We don’t have to reinvent Society, we don’t need more studies and commissions.


  • Our Laws are stated in the Congressional Records
  • they’re within the archives of our elected  Congressmen and women
  • they reside within the memories of all elected officials.
  • Many date back to 1968, requesting “gun registration” or are as recent as the McCain/Warren Bill on Glass Steagall for the 21st Century!

Let me say again, the Laws we need , have been written. The information exists. It’s all in the “right” Codified format,  it’s up to us, “we the People”,  to say , which laws we want enacted. This is not rocket science.


  •   Our job as citizens, is to collate and retrieve old Laws, dust them off and enact them by voting!



Being passive, is no longer an option!  Our inaction has led to disastrous results:

  • trade courts favoring  Big Business.
  • gun registration is tracked by a  “card system “?  (While every facet of society has modern technology, systems that hurt ” we the people “, remain purposely archaic?)
  • Fair pricing of drugs is already written into Law, while we can’t currently negotiate for drugs?
  • Fair CEO compensation has been written , yet non preferred  shareholders  continue to pay the price for unfair compensation.
  • We could vote from home on computers. That would be easy and leaving a verifiable paper trail. We could accommodate  those without access to computers, too!  We have to ask ourselves, why doesn’t  Society  want ” we the People” to know too much or to exercise our right to vote?


Give Congress time off as we  and they scour their personal archives and  the Congressional Record, dust off the appropriate Laws and insist on their enactment. If we get the facts and change our Laws to favor the Middle Class once again, the Middle Class won’t be a brief “fluke of history”. 

  • We want a list of Laws that Resurrect The Middle Class now!


  • No more smoke and mirrors.   Why pay to be the ” side show”?


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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    1. Not sure it’s the same ? Still looking for a simpler fairer way to vote. Your comment is thoughtful and let’s continue thinking and discussing All the best. Joyce

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