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Dear followers:

We have much to discuss!  The candidates are discussing their Foreign Policy creds, while ignoring our current States of Inequality!  According to Keynes, in his last years, after the Wars and Depression, he shifted his policies on Globalization and looked upon Nation States as separate and distinct Nations, that chose to help themselves as they chose to cooperate with each other to resolve Global issues.  That seems reasonable to me.  Let’s discuss at 11am.


Additionally, since I’m still pursuing inaccuracies on my credit report and applying to consolidate my Home Equity Loan and 1st Mortgage, Morgan Stanley has passed valuable information to me, which I’m including here for your use.  Though many of the Housing Counseling Agencies are based in NYC and NJ,  they  service the entire National population,  offering help on Consumer protection rights when considering;  renting, mortgage purchases,  predatory lending, educational programs  and more.  If someone you know uses these resources,  their feedback would benefit our group!  All the best!


See you at 11am.

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