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I listened to both candidates on the Commander in Chief forum. Trump did what he always does evaded questions and went on the attack.  He’s not going to single handedly wipe out ISIS. Neither is Clinton.   It will take a dedicated coalition to wipe out ISIS and bring peace to the Middle East.  Strangely, according to The Financial Times, Putin is working on it!

Equally important is the acknowledgement that our health systems are failing our Vets and so many have PTSD.   It’s difficult to  overcome.  Regular counseling and support is needed to prevent activation of the person , depression or thoughts of suicide.
Do you think there is a link between coming home , feeling adrift , no jobs , no gainful employment and then no way out?

How can we impress upon Congress that they are behaving as if they are part of a failed State. If you continue to focus on your own private agendas instead of focusing on common goals and issues effecting  US,     “We the people” of the Middle Class,  can’t break through  your private silos.   What can we do,  as Americans,  to show  Congress that saving us, our Country , has importance , and  deserves Congressional attention though it may be contradictory to  self interest? Does any one in Congress care enough to work together to maintain the common good at their own expense?

Our people need many services to restore a balanced life, who is ready to say ” every life matters”? That is the leadership we need.

See you at 11am.  So much to talk about: ISIS, PTSD, Congress, Jobs, Putin….


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