Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Health care debate and Why no social safety net! 

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Tune in at 11am and let’s dig deeply into inequality, trade,  and our poor health care delivery system and Obamacare!  Assuming, we can change our world, what  do you need to improve the quality of your life?  Too many of us in the Middle and lower classes are not sharing  the wealth being created in this 21 st Century.  We have a voice and we can change our World through our votes and ballots.


Being a passive bystander will not change our status in this World of inequality.  When our “chosen” leaders, instituted trade agreements, they had no idea that the consequences to the US Middle Class would be disastrous.  Were they warned, maybe.  However, like all naysayers standing in the way of profit, monopolies and injustice, they were ignored.


Therefore, giving tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations, increased their appetite for more money.  How do you obtain more, by going to cheaper labor markets now freely available.  Without a social and financial safety net in place, prior to these “radical” upheavals in our society the Middle and lower classes were decimated.


We have a choice; Donald Trump who will continue to lower Corporate taxes and push American Corporations, out of America, further disrupting the Middle Class populace or we can choose Hillary Clinton who has no great vision, an insider, committed to incremental change with the same cast of characters who brought us Inequality ?  No choice.


I say, choose me, write me in for President , on the ballot.  I’m  a  dedicated outsider who was a scientist, who worked in 3 Multi National Corporations (Ford, Pfizer, Bankers Trust), when employees were valued, who ran her own Family Business connected to the real estate industry and has experienced our failing health care system first hand.


Admittedly, I’m a problem solver, surveying our Society and dedicated to finding solutions to our State of Inequality.  We can change our World, but it will take work.  Hard work without anger, which distracts us from any task!  If you believe your representatives to state , Federal or local governments don’t represent you, write in new candidates for their positions.  Those of you who have large social networks or church or school affiliations, become involved and dedicated to your salvation.  If we don’t advocate for ourselves, no one will advocate for you!


Thanks for your support.  See you at 11am on Periscope.

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“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

See you at 11 am.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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