Joyce: AmericaSpeaks Periscope @ 11 am We’re stifling talent! 



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What is wrong with America, was articulated by Nehru in 1946, of course he was speaking about the wasted lives of India then, specifically Ramanujan, a self taught mathematical genius , who was forced to seek recognition outside India in England!   Unfortunately, Nehru’s words ring true for us today!


To paraphrase :” Ramanujan’s life is symbolic of conditions in India.  Nehru states,  of our millions how few get any education, how many live on the verge of starvation. If life opened it’s gates to them and offered them food and healthy living conditions and education and opportunities for growth, how many among these millions would be eminent scientists, educators, technicians, writers, and artists helping to build a new India and a new World? ”

That’s how I feel about those who are stifled and unable to reach their potential in America .  Why should the “greediness” of a few push down and stifle the many?
We can do better! 
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