The voice of Joyce: We’re living the ” Hunger Games” Globally? Vote for # PeoplePower



Let me tell you a story. I lived in a land literally that flowed with milk and honey. New immigrants came to our shores, we used their skills and we all prospered. There was equal opportunity for all. Everyone needed stuff. We had come out of the dark ages and we needed electric, transportation , plumbing.

With our new found mobility we traveled to foreign lands. Some of us liked what they saw and instead of making these foreigners friends they exploited them. They brought them barely out of poverty and had them make goods and provide the services for the civilized nations. Tricking everyone into believing that cheap goods and services would benefit all the multitudes.

In reality only the few benefited as the wages and the standard of living of the older established labor pool in the more advanced societies were made destitute. Did the wealthy exploiters care? Probably, not. They had enough and more. The world was literally their oyster to be harvested and plucked from the sea at their whim. What about the Billions who lived in poverty? No matter. The small elites who controlled their destiny never gave them a second thought. The multitudes were expendable. Disposable like paper plates. Woe to those who were slightly more educated and understood the perils that awaited them , no matter , they were helpless to prevent the coming tragedies brought on by the elites. War, pestilence and famine. !

They watched helplessly as all societies struggled to survive. They had no purpose but to watch and occasionally sound an alarm.

Until one day a collective consciousness emerged and the more educated but less wealthy started to realize that they too were pawns in the elites game. They banned together and like “the hunger games ” plotted to overthrow the elites around the world. They had too! It was the life of several billion pitted against the elites of every society. The world was tipping off its axis.

We were spinning out of control. Their life for ours otherwise the March of the refugees from every corner of the earth would begin to envelop all of us and a dead planet would be left in their wake. It’s not too late to change the course of Earth’s history, or is it. ? Who is brave enough to stand up to a few so the multitudes may live in peace and harmony.
If Hillary wins , we continue as pawns, Big banks and Corporations support her, as an incentive to keep the industrial military complex alive, she’ll bomb Syria. Dennis Ross is already advocating War ! That’s surely the way forward to Peace and prosperity? If Trump wins , it’s the great unknown, plus a border between the Us and Mexico. After that, what will keep all of South America from surging North?

Two bad choices , to survive we must choose a third way, like Martin Luther King before me, choose me and help me set the World right, back in equilibrium rotating balanced on it’s axis. Reason and planning must overcome our fears. We can create good policy but not with a continuation of the current mindset of exploitation and disposable human beings. We need good policy and monetary accountability. The world is crying out for economic stimulus not cash hoarding by Corporations and Bankers.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Note to my followers: This may be a re-post, it popped up on my screen and I thought it’s still relevant!  I can’t stress enough times, that we been bought by “the company store”!

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