The voice of Joyce: We’re outsourcing the Internet! Too! LOL




I guess we haven’t learned any lessons from the past!!!  The government intends to outsource  control of the Internet to Icann Industries on Saturday?  One can only shake your head in dismay!



We’ve seen the effects of privatization, “pay to play”!

Poor health care

Unsafe transportation

Inadequate education

Non nutritious food

Unsafe waters and air pollution

Mass incarceration

Predatory lending



Every facet of our society has been co-opted by Big Business.   Why, because we have a utopian view of unbridled corrupt capitalism.  It’s evident,  their  only pursuit is profit for themselves with  the lowest possible human benefit.

Our parents lay abused in Rehab Centers and nursing homes, our children suffer from mal- nutrition and inadequate education,  many without access to education, our people suffer at the hands of privatized jailers and predatory lenders, yet we persist in a Utopian model of a “just”  Corporation!


Corporations were humane, but it took laws and regulations and taxation to curb their ” animal instincts”.    They were controlled in the early part of the 20 th Century and everyone prospered.   However, with the loosening of Corporate Governance and taxation, Corporations have become more powerful then Nations with no responsibility to their customers, ” The American Public”.  We have signed our rights away to another slave master, The Corporation, without a protest,  only a whimper.
We have only ourselves to blame if we remain silent!


” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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