Joyce:America Speaks Periscope@11am. Socialism exists for all but Middle Class! 


Dear Followers:

What really makes me Mad, are” Capitalists ” telling US,  National Health Care is Socialist?
If a single payer system is Socialistic what about these programs that benefit only the wealthy and their Corporations?

1. Farm subsidies to Big Agra is Socialism

2. Royalties to fossil fuel produces like BP and Exxon Mobil are Socialism

3. The Student loan program is Federally and privately funded at high rates, the institutions benefit but not students. That’s socialism

4. The food stamp program benefits big business and the Banks. That’s socialism.

5. Corp tax cuts are funded by we the people through  our taxes.

6. Subsidizing gambling , mega art, drugs, rehab centers, hospitals, hedge funds, bankers. All socialism for the top 1%.

7. Wall Street is funded by we the people at the expense of Main Street. That’s Socialism too!
It’s easier to state what programs aren’t socialistic then what is. Obamacare is not socialism but should be! 

So many private institutions that reap big benefits thru special tax breaks are in fact socialism and welfare for the rich, while we the people become poorer and poorer.
Our state of inequality has sprung forth from customized legislation for the elite few. Our inequality has been legislated to impoverish the Middle Class through customized legislation, characterized as Capitalism, but really our Middle Class tax base has provided the funds for Corporate  socialism for the wealthy, amounting to Trillions of Dollars.  Our “leaders” cleverly, have us believe that any program that is equally subsidized by the government, if it benefits the poor and Middle Class, horror of horrors, that’s Socialism.  We have been duped!

Take the blinders off. We the people are being conned.   The Socialism flag is waved to scare us and prevent us from having programs that grant us entitlements, just like the “Big Guys”.  We are entitled!!!


We don’t have to wait more years for our salvation. Demand it now. Get out and vote. Use Write in campaigns and change the Congressional mix at all levels of Government. This isn’t about Party it’s about restoration of the Middle Class,  “change the laws, role back the clock to the early 70’s, 80’s and 90’s,  and  allow for equality and upward mobility.

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