The Voice of Joyce: Welfare or Socialism Big Business gets our share, too! 



When Americans think about welfare, only Medicare , Medicaid, Social Security come to mind. We the people have forgotten to look at Corporate Welfare and entitlements for the rich, which is provided, without comment to a few , at the expense of the Middle Class taxation!

When the Banks, Bankers, Hedge Funds and Wall Street were bailed out after the Financial Crisis of 2008, who bailed them out? We the people, the Middle Class, bailed them out through our contributions to government via our taxes. Were our contributions matched by the Banks, big Business or Lobbyists or Politicians? Not to my knowledge. We shared our funds with them but they have failed to repay our many kindnesses at our expense.
In fact, those individuals, who benefited from our largesse now have a renewed sense of entitlement. They’ve taken money from us before, why not continue taking,  till we have nothing more to give?   We’re rapidly approaching that point,  as more of the Middle Class slips into poverty.  However, if we’re smart,  our sad story doesn’t have to end years from now, we can end it now at the voting booth. 

This isn’t rocket science. We can reverse Corporate Welfare through policy by casting our vote and electing officials who will re-instate the “old” laws that protected us from Corporate entitlements and corporate cronyism.  We allowed Corporate Welfare to persist and we can halt it.

If we start looking at Corporate Welfare and “elite” entitlements. We should recoup Trillions of Dollars, enough to fund a Renaissance!  Doesn’t that tweak your imagination? We can achieve our destiny today. Not tomorrow! Now!!!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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