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I’m about to read a book about ” the things we wish were true”. I think that’s how many Americans feel when they support Trump or Hilary.

When confronted by Trumps peccadillos his supporters groan and argue his locker room talk or tax gaming is no big deal. His behavior is discounted by his ardent followers. In fact, they like him better for using the system to help himself. They may hope his Midas touch will rub off on them. ” The things we wish were true”!


How Donald Trump
Uses the Tax Code in ways you can't- NY Times 10/8/16

Hilary Clinton supporters are just as loyal to her when confronted with her leaked correspondence with Wall Street ” big wigs and foreign powers ” paying her. $225,000 per speech. Privately, to the Wall Street club, she has sympathy for the beleaguered billionaires and vows that Wall Street should write the Banking Regulations since Bankers know best? Right now, Citibank is writing regulations for Dodd Frank and that’s part of the problem. So where does Hilary stand on Fiscal and Corp tax reform ? Are the American people hoping “The things we wish were true”?

On another topic, free trade, Hilary is equally candid, citing her support for NAFTA and a continental free trade zone. These statements are the opposite of what she espouses in public. Do her statements confound her ardent supporters ? No! They believe she says what moguls and foreign powers want to hear to get the big bucks, while she remains true to the American people.
We’re experiencing the power of “magical thinking”, remembering only ” the things we wish were true”.

According to documents posted online by WikiLeaks, Mrs. Clinton displayed
 an easy comfort with business and embraced unfettered trade in
 paid speeches to financial firms.

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