Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Roblee88 asked for Martin Jacques! I listened and you should too. 

Dear followers: Please remember to tune in this morning on Periscope at 11am Thank you for your participation. See you later


On September 9,2016 Martin Jacques published his TED talk on Understanding the rise of China. I was impressed and have added the UTube presentation for your consideration and review.

Let’s chat at 11 am and consider America’s place on the Global stage as the Asian Axis of Economic Powerhouses develops. Might may still make Right!    However, America can  lead through our Economic and innovative prowess, too!  It’s time to nurture our people in body and soul and re establish ourselves because our achievements demand respect.  We can do it!  We have achieved and exceeded our potential before!!!

See you at 11 am on Monday.

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