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Dear followers:

It’s a fact, Banks and Corporations are more profitable then ever before. Since they have a cushion it’s time for Banks to lend and Corporations to invest in their businesses at home.  Ford is doing just that!  Maintaining their 3700 employees in the Wayne Plant while changing their product “mix”.

We the people, composed of mostly independents, need growth programs to lift us out of malaise and poverty.   It can happen now. No need to wait four more years. This election cycle is the best time to start.

On the status of term limits. They’re detailed in our Constitution. We have the power to vote one third of Congress out of office every election cycle. Vote with your feet. Get to the voting booth and vote for change.

7% of our populace  are committed Party followers. The rest of us are Independents. Vote your conscience , but vote for change. This November we the people can make a difference.

See you at 11 am.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”
Onward together!

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