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The problem : the Fed has $1.7 trillion in Bonds. If they continue QE they contribute to asset bubbles in the market .  If they stop giving the money to the market. The market will correct and normalize.

After 8 yrs  of QE, the Middle Class has shrunk below 50%.. They have no purchasing power, we are under educated, under or unemployed, we’ve slipped into poverty, and our health care has to be revitalized .  The Middle Class has yet to be placed back into supervisory and management jobs.

The logical place for the Feds Bonds /cash  is the Middle Class:  left without a safety net.

How much money per person would $1.7 trillion fund in cash.  Check my math, dear followers and follow my reasoning!

  • 22,000 jobs @$50,000 each from every Billion dollars.
  • Therefore $ 10 billion is 220,000 jobs
  • $100 Billion is 2.2 million jobs
  • 1 trillion 22 million jobs
  • .7 trillion or 700 billion is equal to 3/4 of 22 million or $16.5 million jobs
  • Totaling 38.5 million jobs

To increase the numbers to the true middle class including kids 18 yrs and older. Reduce the amount to $25,000 each. Government prints the money and distributes it thru the SS system. ?   This provides a safety net  for the Middle Class,  as we think up projects and gear up for growth.

The EU, Japan, Britain , and who ever has implemented QE can convert this helicopter money for the people’s use. It is not compensation for  Middle Class losses but an acknowledgement of their condition and a gift of sorts while “true” compensation in the form of social welfare,  jobs , programs in education , infrastructure and industry are created.  If we continue QE through 2020, as suggested, by washing the Bonds through the Market, Wall Street continues to be propped up at the expense of Main Street!  Time to reverse this inequality and resurrect the Middle Class NOW!


Please do comment, dear followers.  I’ve had time to think and this is my contribution to the Middle Class!  See you tomorrow on Periscope at 11am.  I look forward to seeing you!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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    1. Thank you. Spread this innovation. We ‘ll need your help and millions to make this concept a reality. Thank you for your support. Perhaps you’d consider contributing to our Political Party Too! America Speaks.Us. @ Joyce Silver. 150 Columbus Ave. NYC 10023. Thank you. Please share with your followers and groups.

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