Joyce:#AmericaSpeaks.US. An inclusive Political Party #BringBackOurMen!!!

Dear followers: I offer you my 2 cents. If you agree, make America Speaks. US a registered political party. Send your donations to:   Joyce Silver@

  •     150 Columbus Ave. Apt 12B NYC, 10023.

For the next two weeks I no longer care about the news. I only care about registering America Speaks.US as an inclusive political party.

I only write about #BringBackOurMen. Those who are Middle Aged and destroying themselves ,physically and mentally , because there is no monetary, educational , or any support safety net available to them. If they haven’t saved enough in their lifetimes,   shame on us, our Society, for not thinking about their needs.

I offer up a prayer to all our Men, who have been destroyed by the callousness of their fellow man.  I also urge you, dear follower, to read Isiah 58:1-14, It is our obligation to” cry with a full throat, without restraint, to let the oppressed go free, to break off every yoke,”  … share your bread with the hungry….”

In addition to prayer, dear followers, I’ve thought about an immediate SOLUTION to the Middle Class slump, Helicopter Money!   $25,000 to everyone in the Middle Class a couple of 100,000,000!   I’ll explain in the next posts!

Our Economy  should be addressed in the first 100 days. Nothing else.

– [x] Write me in for President and together we can move forward creating a Society we deserve. God Bless You!

– [x] J

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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