The voice of Joyce: Love the Fed!



Love  the Fed, urge them to print Helicopter Money for the Middle Class $25,000 each!
Why Helicopter Money for the Middle Class. ?

It makes sense. 

  1. The Middle Class was most effected by the Fiscal Crisis of 2008
  2. Through our taxes we are funding government , which has benefited  the upper classes and some of the poor since the 70’s.  The pinnacle of Greed was reached this year when the Middle Class slipped below 50%  .
  3. It is the concern of many philanthropists and economists,  that cash helps people more then large projects or non profits.
  4. The Middle Class and the Federal Reserve have been “stabilizing “America ‘s monetary system for 8 yrs.
  5. Has the Middle Class benefited? No! Corporations haven’t invested in our society or us. Nor have the wealthy! They make grand purchases but don’t support the Middle Class , we have no Safety Net.

The Middle Class has been left to starve and fend for themselves.

Now, it’s time to take care of ourselves.
When the Helicopter money goes to us we spend !

We make purchases.

We pay down debt.

Take a vacation.

Fund a better education.

Plus we get time to breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve been acknowledged.  We have HOPE!

Also, a  new Congress and President can have 100 days to plan our transition into the workforce of the 21 st Century. 

One consequence of Helicopter Money:

There is no more safety net for the market. It will have to adjust to their asset reality on their own:   over leveraged and bereft of ideas and productivity until they invest in people , employees,  customer service, and their Corporation!

When the Middle Class gets their share of Helicopter Money, the Pendulum will start to swing back toward the Center once again. The Middle Class will not be an anomaly , we’ll be the power house of change and take our place in society on a global scene. 
My proposal works for America and it works for the UK, EU , Japan and any country or region holding onto bonds and participating in Quantitative Easing (QE) !  Instead of propping up Wall Street,  we give a Safety Net to the Middle Class.  It can and should be done!


Rejoice that we have a FED. and Central Bank!  They can print money and wipe out the $1.7 Trillion debt in their possession. This time it’s not quantitative easing it’s Helicopter Money for the Middle Class. Thank you Federal Reserve ! 


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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