Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am US QE can provide $25,000 for US Middle Class. Global Middle Class can benefit from their own QE programs, too!





Why stimulus? Why Helicopter Money?


The US attempted Stimulus after the Fiscal crash of 2008.  It was too little.  It circulated among known contractors , those who influence local and State governments.  $12B went to NEW YORK STATE creating 10,660 jobs.  This was a typical distribution of funds for all states.  Crony Capitalism got the money.  The Middle Class did not participate in the “stimulus”.

I’m convinced only a direct cash payout is appropriate,  ” we the people’ benefit directly! 


QE funds ,  according to many, has been proposed to eliminate Student Loan Debt. Why this may not be a best use of funds.   The student loan program is in default by $500 Billion and may implode.   2nd a huge percentage of these loans should not be repaid because  “for profit” universities committed fraud. Third would we want to pay down student loan debt in full or at a deep discount?  This is a program that’s broken and requires review not a full bailout?

Helicopter Money makes the most sense  to me.  Are you willing, dear followers, to help me sell this idea?  This could be a panacea for low stagnant growth here and  globally. Be vocal. We have a voice. You have a choice .

Love the Fed collect $25,000.  It would be in our best interest to Resurrect the Middle Class.  Wouldn’t it be a relief to dream big dreams again!



See you at 11am.


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