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Dear followers:

Let’s chat at 11 am. If you are convinced this Safety Net makes sense for you, help me publish my concept and let’s resurrect The Middle Class in America and Globally.


The news is not good.  The Financial Times reports that the UK will go the way of Japan, low growth and stagnation.  They talks as if this “new normal” is going to last forever.  Meanwhile, Economic bubbles are continuing to loom large; the bond market, the housing market, the student problem, no money predicted for seniors.  The dire news continues.  We can reverse this “gloom and doom” scenario with HELICOPTER MONEY to the Middle Class!


  • Many of you asked for a Global revolution. I can deliver , if you help me promote Helicopter Money for the Middle Class , here and abroad!


If you could use a safety net, a cash bonus from the Federal Reserve, support and raise your voices for the conversion of $1.7 Trillion in Bonds to cash from the IRS to you. Act now , or the Fed will start washing the money through the market through 2020.

I’d like to fund 18 year olds and up. How much is available to everyone depends upon our  definition of Middle Class:


  • If  everyone making  $125,000 and under is Middle Class, funding approximately,  154,000,000 million folks ,  the lump sum payout decreases to $12,000. If we define the Middle Class at $60,000 downward plus those unemployed and temporarily employed our payout could be much more.
  • If we provide a Safety Net to 77 million the payout is indeed $25,000.  The choice is yours.

All countries participating in QE can provide Helicopter Money to their Middle Class as well. If you need a Safety Net and stimulus money, demand that your country participate in a one time payout to everyone in your Middle Class. Stimulate your economy, be part of the solution and create growth through spending not long term low and stagnant growth!

The U.K., the EU and Japan have the ability to provide Helicopter Money to their Middle Classes.  How many more countries are eligible,  that’s depends upon their MiddleClasses.
I never believed we had to live with a low growth stagnant economy. This is not the new normal, not when we can reinstate the Middle Class through  a direct cash stimulus payout.


Think about it dear follower, not too long, because the Fed intends to use QE to keep the stock market propped up through 2020. The time to act and raise our voices is now. We don’t need higher interest rates, we need growth at low interest to spur investment in America.

Breathe deeply and vote for me for President. Then vote or Petition for Helicopter Money from the Fed.

I can guarantee ,  if elected President , I will include the Press regularly,  they’ll be able to help me communicate with you , dear followers .  I want you in the loop!  Every time a Law is proposed , I want you to know from me, who’s helping to make new policy and who’s clinging to ” old ways”. We can fix broken systems, we don’t have to start over again. Change can be as fast or slow as you desire. As long as change occurs and starts reducing everyone’s anxiety.  Let’s move onward together!  God Bless you, all.



See you at 11 am

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”!

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