Joyce: AmericaSpeaks: Dear Followers, Please share this letter with your friends. You asked and I did it!




 I need your help, dear followers, if you support me , help me and write me in for the Presidency. 
If you support my ideas, eral  help promote and advertise them for the good of the Middle Class.


You too , can send your own letters to your friends and relatives on my behalf and more importantly , in support of the Fed issuing Helicopter Money to provide a Safety Net for the Middle Class. Put it in your own words.

The Fed can convert $1.7 Trillion in bonds, by wiping them out , taking the bonds off their books , balancing their books by printing money to benefit the Middle Class.   This time instead of the money being a drag on the economy, by increasing the deficit,  it provides a stimulus.  The Middle Class receives a substantial cash check, no strings attached.  The Middle Class is benefiting itself !


Depending upon how many people are counted as Middle Class, the Federal Reserve, using the IRS, can issue a check to individuals 18 yrs and older at $12,000 each  benefiting 154,000,000 or they can benefit 77 million individuals at $25,000 each.   The size of the check issued as a Safety Net depends upon the number of Middle Class individuals benefiting.   ( Remember the $300.00 check during the Bush administration? ) This  check is bigger and constitutes a Safety Net that the Middle Class has earned and deserves.

Some of you have said I would start a revolution by helping the global economy. Well this is my solution.

The Middle Class cannot thrive without everyone’s support. Now , it’s everyone’s responsibility to help each other and advocate for the Middle Class.   Use any method you can:  email blasts, videos, TV ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever?  Together we will help ourselves and our World!  Moving “onward together”!

Thank you for support and your help dear followers.  God Bless You!

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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