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Join me at 11 am and let’s  continue our discussion on  resurrecting the Middle Class.

The Fed is proposing raising interest rates which will burden the middle class while helping savers.  Savers have been doing fine in Swizterland, paying taxes  on time , being rewarded for saving and building infrastructure.

America appears to lack the will and the vision to make bold moves to reverse low stagnant growth.   The World appears to be stuck as well.  The “new normal”, low growth and stagnation.  We know,  we don’t have to continue on this lackluster course.


  1. How can we raise our voices high and demand stimulus not austerity?
  2. How can we promote and advertise Helicopter Money as a way out of the Middle Class ?
  3. Wouldn’t you like to see Dollars raining down on you,” manna from heaven”, yet it would be the Federal Reserve we could thank for returning  our hard earned money to us via the IRS.  We did it once, we can do it again!
  4. Our Money went into QE, our money funds  government , equal justice and equal taxation demand that we all contribute to government , not just the Middle Class.

See you at 11 am.  Let’s continue our conversation on Helicopter Money the Safety Net for the Middle Class.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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