The Voice of Joyce: “Pay to Play ” White House

Literally Corporate America is taking over The White House.
Every appointee proves the dependence of the group on one another. All linked through Congress like a spiders web.   The proposed net worth of the cabinet may exceed $35 Billion.


The “in” crowd the rewards are great. Elaine Chao is married to Mitch McConnell , Senator from Kentucky. She was Secretary of Labor under Bush and sat on various prestigious Boards, including Wells Fargo. Rubber stamping or denying fraud.    This is the American Way.   She even sat on Bloomberg’s Board ! The perks for the Uber wealthy are numerous board positions and the ability to network effectively to increase their net worth.  Too bad ” we the people” don’t have equal access to jobs, boards or money.

Now Ms Chao is offered the coveted Transportation Secretary appointment. A plum job for cronies rebuilding America.  Beware, there may be more toll roads ahead in our future.

The Gap will widen between rich and poor as ” we the people”  get the scraps.  Oh yes, some jobs may be saved at Carrier, we’ll await the details, which I hope will be televised at the plant with the same 1400 originally told about their loss of jobs.

As another Banker takes the helm of Treasury,   keep partying before 1929, redux!!!


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Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Infrastructure & my Christmas Wishes 

Funding infrastructure through deficit spending is not a good idea.

1. $13 Trillion would be added to the deficit over 10 yrs. plus Corporations might be able to ” create toll roads” or worse cronyism would prevail preventing the funding of enough infrastructure programs.

2. Lowering domestic corp tax to 15% is not a good idea , though I too accepted the notion at first. This scheme would add to the deficit and not generate revenue, worse it creates subsidies for Corporations making 40% profit.  Let’s be reasonable.

3. My original proposal of 25-28% is more in line with current tax policy thinking at MIT.

4. A tax on Corporate Foreign profits. Both forgiveness for prior yrs and a 15% tax going forward would be a revenue generator.

5. Lowering the Domestic tax too much creates problems with the structure of Fannie and Freddie which would cause them to show a loss when they’ve been generating profits for years. This is a problem, requiring a solution.  There may be others.

6.We need infrastructure spending. The way to raise Trillions is to create revenue.

  • 1. Increase the income limit on the payroll deduction making SS Medicare & Medicaid solvent for generations
  • 2. Tax derivatives as I previously proposed @ 6 basis points. 6 cents on every $100. Curtail risk / asset ratios. Chase and Citi are still systemically vulnerable and significant. According to Basel lll, bank risk is still undetermined.
  • 3. Retire QE by writing a check to 154,000,000 Americans for $12,000 each. Instead of propping up Wall Street, Main Street would have additional spending power and the money would circulate back into the economy .

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Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@ 11 am. We’ve been Trumped? A Russian in the WhiteHouse?





We the people are the greater fools.

Trump lied about being self funded. Neo Conservative Billionaires like Wilbur Ross held fund raisers for him. Wilbur Ross has made money off the backs of his workers. He’s now slated to become Secretary of Commerce? Fact if you are loyal to Trump you get to be a member of his cabinet qualified or not, dedicated to “we the people” or not.

Fact: The Trump Cabinet members have a combined net worth of $35 Billion!  Will have they conflict of interests, too?  Will the will of “we the people”, come first?
We’ve been Trumped!   The White House now belongs to the Trump’s Business interests and Russia!
Fact :  Trump has a 30 yr history with the Russians. This has been solidified by his choices of Mike Flynn, who has been feted by Moscow 24, Putin controlled TV, Eric Trump who boasts that Russians make up a vast proportion of their building population while another brother , Donald Trump Jr recently met with Russians to discuss real estate and Syria.
Fact Bombing took place in Syria after Trump Jr and Sr spoke to Putin .


Fact: The  Assad regime  has been reassured on continuing power, I always thought he’d be there in transition , if the Country was to survive. However, he’s proved he does not care if his people survive. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have turned down UN’s peace  proposal on Aleppo.



  • Fact! Russian sites spread fake news to benefit Trump
  • Fact!  Russia  supported Wikileaks allowing hacking of the  DNC and Hilary Clinton’s emails before the election

Fact!  Trump said,  he would say or do anything to have won the Presidency? Now we have a conflict of interest between his business interests and American Policy ! Where is Congress on enforcing a blind trust as suggested by the Economist?  Will a “friendly” Congress, allow this Administration to “break Constitutional Laws”?, to increase “pay for play”?  Cronyism on steroids?

Fact!    Jill Stein had the integrity to challenge the States voting for Trump and ultimately demand a reevaluation of the Electoral College Votes. With Hilary over 2 million ahead in the popular vote, the Electoral College must have many ” faithless” voters. Why? Why are they subverting the will of the People, this race is not too close to call?

The recounts and a electoral College do overs should proceed. A president should not be inaugurated when he or she does not represent the will of the people. This is indeed a rigged election. Won by lies, deceit and the help of a foreign power, Russia.

Where is Congressional oversight demanding Trump’s tax returns, compliance with ethics rules and the Constitution?  This is my problem with Trump ;   his lack of fiscal responsibility ,  separation of his global corporate interests vs the interests of the people who voted for him.


Joyce Periscope @11am Mea Culpa :Responsible for leaving the “scum in the Pond” & Trump U on trial



Have you heard the news today? Congress is going to do what it always does insures that it takes care of their constituents. May be some poor and middle class folks will benefit, but don’t count on it. They haven’t helped “we the people” in years.

  • Just the facts, only the facts:
    We bought the lie that Globalization destroyed jobs. Not quite true. In 1990,   under HW Bush, the Immigration Act lifted the limit of immigrants entering the country from  500,000 – 700,000,  creating cheap labor for Big Business,   Check it out!
  • Then Big Business under Bush benefited from enormous Corporate Tax cuts which preferentially favored the wealthy.
  • Did they stay home and develop the Labor force? No.  These corporations were encouraged to go offshore to save money.  Meanwhile, they let go of their American labor force and started  using the” Newly immigrated” cheap labor.
  • Who spiked the deficit? Again George Bush with the Iraq war costing $3 Trillion plus additional VA costs.
  • NAFTA was signed by HW Bush one month before Clinton took office. Please do check. Wikipedia is not always vetted and corrected nor are other fraudulent social media web sights .

Now for my Mea Culpa:  I feel responsible for putting Donald Trump into power!  It bothers me for the following reasons.

Being disillusioned by Congress’ behavior , I voted No,  for Hilary and Trump.  I wrote in myself,  thinking it  wouldn’t matter. It has!

Congress, they’re no longer twiddling their thumbs after meeting with Mike Pence.  They are going to jump start “The Donald’s ” presidency by putting in customized infra structure,  more  Corporate tax cuts and earmarks, that benefit their districts while the rest of the country starves. This is no longer a Democracy. “Pay to play”  is now on steroids and ” we the people ” have been duped.  Watch carefully , be skeptical and vocal, if Congress starts to destroy jobs rather then create a massive  national infrastructure program for our times, using low interest rates, let your voices count!

You might ask, what about “The Electoral College” .  It is a check but not necessarily a balance of the popular vote.   They can vote by secret ballot for anyone they choose, even if they’ve been charged to Vote Democrat or Independent.  There is no oversight and no paper trail of their vote.  It’s all based on the “honor” system.  Faithless voters can and have made a mess of many elections going back to 1828!

Where is our representation?   Are we still a Democracy?  I am Independent!  Can I persuade you to be Independents, too!  Can we support and help new candidates get into local, state and Federal Government , if they’re qualified?    Can we learn to accept Facts, not “truthiness or Post truth”?   I’m an American FIRST,  I support everyone in all 50 States.    Will you join me and support America and Americans First, too?


Oh, one more thing?   Take note: The Trump U trial has been postponed since the Summer in deference to Trump’s campaign.  It’s supposed to begin in 10 days, do not support a delay.  A class action suit is pending and “we the people” deserve to know the truth about our President elect and Trump U.  Transparency leads to information.  “We the People” benefit from being an informed electorate.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am”truthines” “post Truth” Deregulating Banks?

Dear followers:

See you at 11am.  Let’s continue our chat on a meet up in January!  My email is , planning session first by our “core” group.  Then open to  anyone wishing to participate in our 3rd Party meet up, planning and networking event.


Let’s talk about “post Truth” , appealing to emotions rather then speaking the truth or citing facts.  A good way to sway voters .    A bad way to inform the public, “we the people”. It’s use is more widespread then you imagine and  subtly narrows  our choices.


Bank deregulation , has been talked about in the Trump administration.   It was proposed by Peter Orszag several years ago, when “we  the people” were considering Glass Steagall for the 21st Century co authored by Elizabeth Warren and John Mccain.  ( FYI several articles have been written by me on “the Voice of Joyce”, starting 2013, 2014 .  If interested please review my archives!)  “Capitalization” was  the new concept, like “plastic”!   It could be tricky, since total current market value of Bank assets may be misleading.  Or, it  could work, if as Greenspan proposed, Banks kept 25-35% of assets in reserve at all times.  It might prompt Banks to reward  and keep insuring savers?  Keeping them “honest” , the Banks, requires  enforcing accountability and understanding their  actual  current debt to asset ratio?   “Tricky”!


See you at 11am.

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Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am “Don’t worry, be happy” Support new people for Gov’t & our watchdog Elizabeth Warren 


In 2012 I knew the 2 party system had failed the American People. I blogged about the need for a third party , thinking I would gain momentum and recognition. The process was slower and more unattainable then I thought.

  • With both the GOP and DEMS in self destruction mode , you dear followers , may be ready to help me form our 3 rd party which would support newcomers to politics at all levels of government: local, State and Federal .
  • We can’t just let them run, we have to watch their backs making sure their campaigns succeed against the dirty tricks of the entranced.
  • A political party is only as good as the folks they promote for public office. If they do well. We do well. We are dependent on each other for mutual support.
  • Together we’ll move forward. Forming a giant wedge between the two parties. Draining the swamp once and for all.
  • Who do we represent ? America Speaks.US
  • We need 2 million signatures to become a registered national party.
  • The hard part begins as we start networking , choosing, and supporting political candidates!

Before concluding, I’d urge everyone to read Elizabeth Warren’s letter to President Trump.  “The people’s reliable  watchdog.”    Reporting what she knows and keeping Trump “honest”;  Ms. Warren questions his transition team ‘s  composition:  ”  he says he  deplores Lobbyists yet,  his transition team is  “lobbyist heaven”?  Read on, draw your own conclusions, please!



” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11amPresident Trump:Nationalist or Globalist? 

He says he’s a Nationalist and anti trade but he made money on his Global Brand. His business empire is scattered all over the World. Will he really be an isolationist?

There are many sides to Donald Trump. The aggressive bombast who will say anything to get elected, the businessman and the side that may be humbled by the office of the Presidency. He now speaks for 360 million and we should not let him forget that “we the people ” elected him on his promise of good paying jobs for Americans.

What has he said? a ban on lobbyists for 5 yrs and lobbyists permanently barred from any dealings with the White House.
He’s broken one promise. Lobbyists and equity folks who supported him are on his team .

What can we the people expect from a Trump Presidency? How do we get his attention?

News Flash: Groups on the left and right oppose Bannon’s selection on Trump’s team. His Ivy League  Credentials don’t matter  , if  he’s a racist and antisemitic. His sensationalist skewed reporting is a hindrance to the White House.   One pleased supporter: David Duke !?

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