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Nationalism,  Populism , small ideas: where are our leaders
Periscope at 11 am. Let’s discuss the political scenario confronting us. It makes me viscerally ill to have to vote for any candidate.  There are 5, so far, the weeks not over yet!

Trump and Clinton are big on insults and  small minded in the face of real issues. Slinging mud , not” talking up”  policy , that’s  what we’re getting.   Entertainment v. real solutions to the Middle Class malaise. You can’t even get the facts on PBS, truthiness and statistics “trump” numbers!

What can we  do with 20 million already casting votes?   Write me in and we’ll get big ideas and a cash check for the Middle Class.


Remember those Bonds I spoke about retiring?  They’re toxic, according to The Economist , at any price.  If rates go up, there will be a race a to get out of Bonds.  Pension funds will be at risk, too!  Better to retire Quantitative Easing and save the Middle Class with a cash check from Treasury!  No more worrying about a financial instruments investors  are forced to “buy and hold”!  Give The Middle Class the Stimulus  before a new Administration takes control, unless its mine!
See you at 11 am.

P.S.: I did send out 800 emails today!   I’ll send out follow up emails, too!
All the best

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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