Joyce:America Speaks. Periscope @11am  ” Leaders aren’t Takers!?




Leaders aren’t takers. That’s what’s wrong with our political landscape. We have folks who want the job but don’t want to “acknowledge We the People” and our needs  We don’t even know if they like all of us?

It was said that George W. Bush and Obama were likable. You might not have agreed with them but you didn’t think they were insincere. That’s what’s wrong with Trump and Hilary. They’re not likable and their followers will go to any extreme to defend them.
Who were your favorite President’s?   What would you want accomplished in the first 100 days?  A first term?


Can we assume statesmen and women will emerge or do you predict Gridlock once again?  Can President’s make a difference?

What makes you follow someone? Be loyal and carry out their vision?

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