Joyce America Speaks:Periscope 11am Get out the vote for Joyce! Our voice counts!

Are we blaming everyone but ourselves for what’s happened in America. ? Are we too silent?

Many knew ” the news ” was entertainment, but I tuned out rather then confronting it. Now I’m skeptical of all news given to us. I’m skeptical about once cherished papers, knowing they slant the news by what’s not said.

The same for government agencies. Jobs? Everyone is miserable but appears hopeless. How do  we harness that energy for change?

If you’re so dissatisfied with Trump or Hilary why vote for them. Go for a write in Campaigner like me ?  Why wait 4 more years?  Vote in  large enough numbers to make a difference.   I want change, don’t you?   How many yrs can you take of low stagnant growth? How much food can you seen thrown out and not distributed to the needy?   How many shifts can you work short handed?

Only an  informed demanding electorate can achieve change. Are you ready to stand up for me and convince more to do the same ?  Why wait a generation?


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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