Joyce: AmericaSpeaks. Our government has been hijacked. Periscope @11am. What can we do? 

Dear followers:   Based on our discussions yesterday, these are my conclusions and summaries!

By degrading Journalism to entertainment or “truthiness” we are not giving ” we the people ” the facts to make them informed and better citizens.

America is a dynamic republic that was built upon basic principles of decency and respect for each other. By degrading our news, by giving us entertainment, by eroding our trust in government we have done a  disservice to ” we the people”. Our mistrust in government was  engineered through PR and marketing.   When,  we no longer have the facts at our disposal. We can no longer make informed decisions. It makes it easier for a dictator or demigod to control us.

The Facts:

1. The definition of journalism : provide citizens with the information they need to make an informed decision about their lives, their Communities, their societies and their government. 2 yrs ago I proposed writing a newspaper that would collect and collate facts on a local and National level. Transparency in the news is important. I remember not reading about the drought in the Midwest till 2011 when I read the Financial Times in Israel. When we limit the news we limit our understanding of our society!

2. The function of the FCC is to provide completion , innovation and investment in broadband through their services and facilities. The FCC is mandated to support the Nation’s economy by ensuring a competitive environment exists to support the communications revolution. It further mandates,strengthening the defense of our Nation’s communications.

3. The FTC is the enforcement arm of the FCC. They are responsible for protecting Consumers and promoting competition.

4. The FDA is the food, drug and cosmetic agency and so much more: Tobacco control, over the counter drugs , medicines… and internationally. They control and are supposed to oversee the proper handling of our food, it’s processing and preparation.

All these programs are the Laws of our land. They constitute the laws and regulations that keep Americans safe and informed and they’ve been debunked and defunded. As a concerned citizen you have to wonder why? Who benefits by misinforming the Public? If we the people don’t know the facts we have no power. If we have no power, inequality becomes the norm. Our Government has indeed been hijacked.

it’s time to understand what’s happened and go back to “government by the people and for the people. “We have term limits, it is within our power to vote , those who no longer represent us , out of office.

It is time to educate people so they can be informed and understand the difference between entertainment and the news. That’s why I like TR , he broke up the monopolies by encouraging investigative reporting. He couldn’t do it on his own. As a leader he encouraged the power of the press , together they educated the People and broke up the monopolies.

A leader is flexible , learns from  people and continues to move forward. We the people have been duped. We have defunded the organizations that would protect us against the tyranny of the few. It’s never too late to reassess our positions and vote for people who will uphold laws that make us safe.


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