Joyce:AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Why not Magical thinking ? “A chicken in every pot.”





It’s all entertainment till the next President takes office. Then our era of magical thinking ends.


  • What could be if we had candidates who supported us v them?
  • A liaison with the press encouraging investigative reporting over entertainment.
  • Weekly chats with the Nation stating the major events confronting us.
  • Open channels of Communication. Dare I state, a look at government in the making. Shining a spotlight on the players makes better players.
  •  I wouldn’t be silent on who played and who abstained. The American people are entitled to know the truth.
  • QE to save the Middle Class,  a good idea and still is.
  • It could stimulate the Economy while helping 100’s of millions. Why use payday loans when you have your own cash?   It would also lesson the need to incarcerate poor folks,  if they’re picked up erroneously and can’t make bail.
  • In one magnanimous gesture the Social fabric of our Society would be strengthened.
  • I don’t have faith that either candidate would pick up this idea. Helping the many over the needs of the few. Magical thinking?!
  • Lower taxation of big business 15% here and 15% on foreign subsidiaries no loopholes would bring revenues in the $100billions to trillions into the economy, then we could build our Nation for the 22 nd Century.
  • Legislation to break up Monopolies. Rewarding competition and innovation. Stopping the cash hoarding and training managers as baby boomers leave the job market.

If those two get in, recession that is lurking for the EU, Russia and China may be around a corner for us as well , certainly , if we embark on austerity instead of stimulus. What a pity. Life really could be beautiful with a grand vision.


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat about what can be.  Never lose hope!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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