Joyce AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Time for our 3 rd Party & Change! Reality, not “magical thinking”!

The final hours. Count down to a new destiny that we share and approve or are we hurtling into the known or more of the same once again?

Do we really have a shared vision of our Society? Our group wants the same things. Jobs, economic opportunity , just and decent government , providing good education, good health care, clean water and air, clean healthy and well prepared food.
Equal opportunity for all. Not just the network working for a few. Affordable housing. Affordable education and alternatives to College degrees assuring a better quality of life.

Apprenticeships or the Military as an alternative ?

So much to do, so many wants, where’s a united advocacy to see our dreams become reality? #AmericaSpeaks.US has offered many solutions to America’s problems. It is a time to build on our Party platform and start working with “we the People”. Making our ” dreams” a reality. Only revenue flowing into the Middle Class and the poor can resolve our problems and start healing our Societal divides.

One suggestion , to help the Middle Class, has been proposed once again.  Lift  the payroll deduction income cap . A shared burden by  the wealthy  and Middle Class. Sounds fair to me. No employer special exemptions either ! The people wish it, will Congress agree. It’s been proposed by us along with so many ” good ideas” for revenue.    Along with Quantitative Easing for the Middle Class, Trillions could flow to “we the People”, if we had fiduciary control of the process.  Any one of our ideas could be a priority of the first 100 days. The money exists to change our State of Inequality. Gridlock in Congress is no longer acceptable. #PeoplePower is on the rise.

David Brooks, has just acknowledged the need :

"for a " decent" 3 rd Party that addresses the needs of the people
 in an honest, play by the rules way." #AmericaSpeaks.US is that Party.
 We exist and we will grow to answer the needs of" we the people." 

Join us and be part of America's solution!   We offer a compassionate 
way out of poverty and an inclusive path to equal opportunity 
and justice under the Law.

The presidential campaign has proved the need for a third party.

Reality , not “magical thinking! ”
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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