Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11amPresident Trump:Nationalist or Globalist? 

He says he’s a Nationalist and anti trade but he made money on his Global Brand. His business empire is scattered all over the World. Will he really be an isolationist?

There are many sides to Donald Trump. The aggressive bombast who will say anything to get elected, the businessman and the side that may be humbled by the office of the Presidency. He now speaks for 360 million and we should not let him forget that “we the people ” elected him on his promise of good paying jobs for Americans.

What has he said? a ban on lobbyists for 5 yrs and lobbyists permanently barred from any dealings with the White House.
He’s broken one promise. Lobbyists and equity folks who supported him are on his team .

What can we the people expect from a Trump Presidency? How do we get his attention?

News Flash: Groups on the left and right oppose Bannon’s selection on Trump’s team. His Ivy League  Credentials don’t matter  , if  he’s a racist and antisemitic. His sensationalist skewed reporting is a hindrance to the White House.   One pleased supporter: David Duke !?

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