Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am “Don’t worry, be happy” Support new people for Gov’t & our watchdog Elizabeth Warren 


In 2012 I knew the 2 party system had failed the American People. I blogged about the need for a third party , thinking I would gain momentum and recognition. The process was slower and more unattainable then I thought.

  • With both the GOP and DEMS in self destruction mode , you dear followers , may be ready to help me form our 3 rd party which would support newcomers to politics at all levels of government: local, State and Federal .
  • We can’t just let them run, we have to watch their backs making sure their campaigns succeed against the dirty tricks of the entranced.
  • A political party is only as good as the folks they promote for public office. If they do well. We do well. We are dependent on each other for mutual support.
  • Together we’ll move forward. Forming a giant wedge between the two parties. Draining the swamp once and for all.
  • Who do we represent ? America Speaks.US
  • We need 2 million signatures to become a registered national party.
  • The hard part begins as we start networking , choosing, and supporting political candidates!

Before concluding, I’d urge everyone to read Elizabeth Warren’s letter to President Trump.  “The people’s reliable  watchdog.”    Reporting what she knows and keeping Trump “honest”;  Ms. Warren questions his transition team ‘s  composition:  ”  he says he  deplores Lobbyists yet,  his transition team is  “lobbyist heaven”?  Read on, draw your own conclusions, please!



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