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See you at 11am.  Let’s continue our chat on a meet up in January!  My email is , planning session first by our “core” group.  Then open to  anyone wishing to participate in our 3rd Party meet up, planning and networking event.


Let’s talk about “post Truth” , appealing to emotions rather then speaking the truth or citing facts.  A good way to sway voters .    A bad way to inform the public, “we the people”. It’s use is more widespread then you imagine and  subtly narrows  our choices.


Bank deregulation , has been talked about in the Trump administration.   It was proposed by Peter Orszag several years ago, when “we  the people” were considering Glass Steagall for the 21st Century co authored by Elizabeth Warren and John Mccain.  ( FYI several articles have been written by me on “the Voice of Joyce”, starting 2013, 2014 .  If interested please review my archives!)  “Capitalization” was  the new concept, like “plastic”!   It could be tricky, since total current market value of Bank assets may be misleading.  Or, it  could work, if as Greenspan proposed, Banks kept 25-35% of assets in reserve at all times.  It might prompt Banks to reward  and keep insuring savers?  Keeping them “honest” , the Banks, requires  enforcing accountability and understanding their  actual  current debt to asset ratio?   “Tricky”!


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