Joyce Periscope @11am Mea Culpa :Responsible for leaving the “scum in the Pond” & Trump U on trial



Have you heard the news today? Congress is going to do what it always does insures that it takes care of their constituents. May be some poor and middle class folks will benefit, but don’t count on it. They haven’t helped “we the people” in years.

  • Just the facts, only the facts:
    We bought the lie that Globalization destroyed jobs. Not quite true. In 1990,   under HW Bush, the Immigration Act lifted the limit of immigrants entering the country from  500,000 – 700,000,  creating cheap labor for Big Business,   Check it out!
  • Then Big Business under Bush benefited from enormous Corporate Tax cuts which preferentially favored the wealthy.
  • Did they stay home and develop the Labor force? No.  These corporations were encouraged to go offshore to save money.  Meanwhile, they let go of their American labor force and started  using the” Newly immigrated” cheap labor.
  • Who spiked the deficit? Again George Bush with the Iraq war costing $3 Trillion plus additional VA costs.
  • NAFTA was signed by HW Bush one month before Clinton took office. Please do check. Wikipedia is not always vetted and corrected nor are other fraudulent social media web sights .

Now for my Mea Culpa:  I feel responsible for putting Donald Trump into power!  It bothers me for the following reasons.

Being disillusioned by Congress’ behavior , I voted No,  for Hilary and Trump.  I wrote in myself,  thinking it  wouldn’t matter. It has!

Congress, they’re no longer twiddling their thumbs after meeting with Mike Pence.  They are going to jump start “The Donald’s ” presidency by putting in customized infra structure,  more  Corporate tax cuts and earmarks, that benefit their districts while the rest of the country starves. This is no longer a Democracy. “Pay to play”  is now on steroids and ” we the people ” have been duped.  Watch carefully , be skeptical and vocal, if Congress starts to destroy jobs rather then create a massive  national infrastructure program for our times, using low interest rates, let your voices count!

You might ask, what about “The Electoral College” .  It is a check but not necessarily a balance of the popular vote.   They can vote by secret ballot for anyone they choose, even if they’ve been charged to Vote Democrat or Independent.  There is no oversight and no paper trail of their vote.  It’s all based on the “honor” system.  Faithless voters can and have made a mess of many elections going back to 1828!

Where is our representation?   Are we still a Democracy?  I am Independent!  Can I persuade you to be Independents, too!  Can we support and help new candidates get into local, state and Federal Government , if they’re qualified?    Can we learn to accept Facts, not “truthiness or Post truth”?   I’m an American FIRST,  I support everyone in all 50 States.    Will you join me and support America and Americans First, too?


Oh, one more thing?   Take note: The Trump U trial has been postponed since the Summer in deference to Trump’s campaign.  It’s supposed to begin in 10 days, do not support a delay.  A class action suit is pending and “we the people” deserve to know the truth about our President elect and Trump U.  Transparency leads to information.  “We the People” benefit from being an informed electorate.


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