Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@ 11 am. We’ve been Trumped? A Russian in the WhiteHouse?





We the people are the greater fools.

Trump lied about being self funded. Neo Conservative Billionaires like Wilbur Ross held fund raisers for him. Wilbur Ross has made money off the backs of his workers. He’s now slated to become Secretary of Commerce? Fact if you are loyal to Trump you get to be a member of his cabinet qualified or not, dedicated to “we the people” or not.

Fact: The Trump Cabinet members have a combined net worth of $35 Billion!  Will have they conflict of interests, too?  Will the will of “we the people”, come first?
We’ve been Trumped!   The White House now belongs to the Trump’s Business interests and Russia!
Fact :  Trump has a 30 yr history with the Russians. This has been solidified by his choices of Mike Flynn, who has been feted by Moscow 24, Putin controlled TV, Eric Trump who boasts that Russians make up a vast proportion of their building population while another brother , Donald Trump Jr recently met with Russians to discuss real estate and Syria.
Fact Bombing took place in Syria after Trump Jr and Sr spoke to Putin .


Fact: The  Assad regime  has been reassured on continuing power, I always thought he’d be there in transition , if the Country was to survive. However, he’s proved he does not care if his people survive. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have turned down UN’s peace  proposal on Aleppo.



  • Fact! Russian sites spread fake news to benefit Trump
  • Fact!  Russia  supported Wikileaks allowing hacking of the  DNC and Hilary Clinton’s emails before the election

Fact!  Trump said,  he would say or do anything to have won the Presidency? Now we have a conflict of interest between his business interests and American Policy ! Where is Congress on enforcing a blind trust as suggested by the Economist?  Will a “friendly” Congress, allow this Administration to “break Constitutional Laws”?, to increase “pay for play”?  Cronyism on steroids?

Fact!    Jill Stein had the integrity to challenge the States voting for Trump and ultimately demand a reevaluation of the Electoral College Votes. With Hilary over 2 million ahead in the popular vote, the Electoral College must have many ” faithless” voters. Why? Why are they subverting the will of the People, this race is not too close to call?

The recounts and a electoral College do overs should proceed. A president should not be inaugurated when he or she does not represent the will of the people. This is indeed a rigged election. Won by lies, deceit and the help of a foreign power, Russia.

Where is Congressional oversight demanding Trump’s tax returns, compliance with ethics rules and the Constitution?  This is my problem with Trump ;   his lack of fiscal responsibility ,  separation of his global corporate interests vs the interests of the people who voted for him.


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