The Voice of Joyce: “Pay to Play ” White House

Literally Corporate America is taking over The White House.
Every appointee proves the dependence of the group on one another. All linked through Congress like a spiders web.   The proposed net worth of the cabinet may exceed $35 Billion.


The “in” crowd the rewards are great. Elaine Chao is married to Mitch McConnell , Senator from Kentucky. She was Secretary of Labor under Bush and sat on various prestigious Boards, including Wells Fargo. Rubber stamping or denying fraud.    This is the American Way.   She even sat on Bloomberg’s Board ! The perks for the Uber wealthy are numerous board positions and the ability to network effectively to increase their net worth.  Too bad ” we the people” don’t have equal access to jobs, boards or money.

Now Ms Chao is offered the coveted Transportation Secretary appointment. A plum job for cronies rebuilding America.  Beware, there may be more toll roads ahead in our future.

The Gap will widen between rich and poor as ” we the people”  get the scraps.  Oh yes, some jobs may be saved at Carrier, we’ll await the details, which I hope will be televised at the plant with the same 1400 originally told about their loss of jobs.

As another Banker takes the helm of Treasury,   keep partying before 1929, redux!!!


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