Joyce @ AmericaSpeaks : Will the @ real Donald Trump start liking all the people? We, “the Middle Class”, have a few Christmas Wishes! 

Dear followers: I’m reblogging this post and one other. Perhaps we can unite and organize around good ideas! All the best. Joyce


Dear  Mr.  Trump:

1. Please represent all the people. All 360 million of us.

2. Be mindful how you speak about us!  You are creating more dissension then harmony.

3. It’s too late to start grousing about your Cabinet Selection!  Be mindful loyalty and Corporate America are not the only folks to be courted!  You campaigned on creating good jobs and a living wage for all Americans.   “We the people” deserve respect.  We’re not numbers meant to increase Corporate profits.  Oh, thank you for those Carrier Jobs.  However, I never thought that they were beyond America’s reach.  Our government contracts must be more important then laying off 1400 folks.

4. Stop enforcing narrow minded limited thinking and look at America 2016.  We’ve been divided by some of your remarks, please “put a lid” on your rhetoric and calm the American People.

5. If  you are our President, then try…

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