The Voice of Joyce: Corruption, always here? I propose new “accountable” Institutions.

Going back to archival Posts. Good ideas never die! Perhaps now is the time to unite and organize around ideas that change our World for the better! All the best.


2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 8-24-15 at 9.16 AMDuring the last week, many questions were posed as I lingered over Coffee at our local shop, Cup of Joe’s.  Someone asked, hasn’t corruption always been present in our Society?  The short answer, YES!   When , the “animal spirits ” run rampant, like 1901, or before the1929 crash or 7 yrs after the 2008 Fiscal crisis, corruption is reined in by changing the laws to restore balance between the classes.
In 1901 , Teddy Roosevelt broke up the monopolies much to the chagrin  of the Republican Party.   TR Was appointed Vice President under McKinley, a “no where” job . The Republicans thought TR would be buried in office. However, thru a quirk of fate, McKinley was Assassinated on 9/14/1901, by a man claiming he was unhappy with  corruption in government. TR became President to the dismay of the Republican Party and made it his mission to dismantle the trusts, the…

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