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Dear followers:  I look forward to continuing our conversation on the Electoral College.  Our lives depend upon making our choices for those “governing” us.  See you at 11am, when we continue our chat!

Meantime,  I urge the States to  keep counting and validating the system. According to the experts, unless Counties forgot to count, the recount will be fairly consistent between scanners and hand counting.

Fact: The inauguration date of 1/20 is not a ” drop dead” date. It used to be March until cars made traveling easier to the Capitol!   Carry on  recounting , please, if only to calm all our nerves


Please note, dear followers, the role of the elected representative , by their Party, to the Electoral College, is one of Conscience.  The designated electoral college representatives can vote along Party lines or they can be faithless voters with no consequence.  Our elections, without The National Popular Vote Compact,  depend on our  Party’s choice of Electoral College Proxies.


With winner take all delegates, we’ve negated one man one vote. This can be easily changed at the State level.   Then, the  Electoral college functions as intended, proportionally, with clear winners in 1st and 2nd place. Re-instating the National Popular Vote Compact,   would also encourage campaigning in every state,  not just ” battleground states”, increasing the likelihood that the will of the people would be maintained throughout our Land!

You asked, I did my homework,  the latest articles on the Electoral College are listed below!

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