Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Race in America: Why adversarial vs compassion? 



Have you read the news today?

  • 50% of Americans believe the @ real Donald Trump should not be on Twitter.
    One reason is dissension being generated among we the people!
  • Hate crimes are being committed against Jews and Muslims and rising.
  • African Americans are being discriminated by everyone? In one instance by Hispanics.

Meanwhile , we know injustice has befallen the African American more then any other group? Why? What can citizens do to curtail racial bias? Based on a NY Times Article of African American abuse in Upper New York State Prisons, Governor Cuomo has authorized an Independent Commission to oversee  abuse and recommend solutions.

Clearly after viewing the South Carolina shooting of an unarmed Black man for a tailgate violation defies reason and raises several questions. Why didn’t the officer write Scott a ticket?   Why did Scott leave his vehicle?   How many minor violations are cited in this  area resulting in arrest or worse?   Do the citizens of this area drive without a license or an unregistered vehicle? Do people usually feel harassed and abused by police? Compassion is required  for the other instead of an adversarial relationship.

Jurors could not agree on the fate of a North Charleston police
 officer, Michael T. Slager, in the fatal shooting of Walter L. Scott,
 an unarmed black man.

Watch Video Shows Fatal Police Shooting on Times Video

How can we unite all the “have nots”  to demand equal rights and the equal right to opportunity? That is the test of America  and American Exceptionalism, the ability to unite, treat each other decently and pursue  a common cause. Is it really just  the Economy?  If everyone made a decent wage , would we  be content?  Can we unite and prosper?

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