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Corporate bullying and aggression can be curtailed by following Portland Oregon’s example.

They are taxing corporations 10% , if CEO compensation exceeds 100 times the average employee salary and  25% , if CEO salary exceeds 250 times . This is reasonable, maybe too reasonable, mandated by one of Dodd Frank’s rules next year.   The  add revenue  is intended to support firefighters, education and other local services.  Imagine if other States followed Portland’s example?

Imagine if your State has Health insurance Companies?  $35,000,000 salaries certainly qualify for a tax!? 

Want to stop inequality , tax corporate greed. Piketty agrees with this strategy and it “Trumps “thermonuclear war as one Economist suggested.

  • NYTimes: Portland Adopts Surcharge on C.E.O. Pay in Move vs. Income Inequality
  • From The New York Times:
    Portland Adopts Surcharge on C.E.O. Pay in Move vs. Income Inequality
    Oregon’s largest city will charge companies whose chief executives
  •  make over 100 times the median pay of the company’s rank-and-file
  • workers.
  • tax-executive-pay.html?mwrsm=Email

A beginning! It would certainly allow for lowering Middle Class taxation and remuneration of  local services.    Think 50 States and local government! More revenue would mean more jobs and local projects.

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