The voice of Joyce: Fix the Electoral College. Contact Your State Representatives and ask them to cast a “faithless” vote to insure “one man one vote” counts!

Dear followers, I received this Update from Public Citizen and pass it on ! 
Our system for electing the president is broken.
Your vote should matter — even if you’re a Republican in a Democratic state or a Democrat in a Republican state.

Your vote should matter — whether you live in a big city or a small town.

Your vote should matter — even if you don’t live in one of the few “swing states” that get all the attention.
Sign the petition to fix the Electoral College.
This isn’t about Clinton or Trump.

This is about getting it right going forward.
This is about making sure that EVERY VOTER in EVERY STATE in EVERY ELECTION really does count.
Add your name now to fix the Electoral College for future elections.
Thank you for taking action today!
Robert Weissman

President, Public Citizen

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Thinking about today, please contact your representative to the Electoral College and ask them to change their vote to reflect the popular vote!   There is no penalty for being a “faithless” voter.  The Constitution asks for “one man one vote”


One of our followers, has provided the list of Republican Pledges and second list with everyone nominated to the Electoral College. Thank you for participating in our Democracy!  Be empowered!


These are the designated  Pledged Trump Republican Representatives :


This is the entire list of delegates to the Electoral College:

Complete list of electors (without mailing addresses:,_2016

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