Joyce:AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Trump’s Cabinet above Law!? Buyer’s Remorse Countrywide! We’re weeping for our Children & Grandchildren.

I have never felt so terrified of an incoming President and his Cabinet’s ability to do real harm to my Country. I recently read that Mike Flynn shared CIA positions with Foreign Powers . In my opinion he committed “treason”, while he blatantly & harshly chastised Hillary Clinton for her disregard for security. She had a secure outside server  for her emails and he demanded jail time. That is Chutzpah ! He shared classified documents with Foreign Powers knowingly going against Our Country’s Laws.  His Punishment?  none?  Pollard spent 30 yrs in jail for sharing secrets with Israel.

Mike Flynn got  a pass? Worse , now  he requires no Senate confirmation to serve Donald Trump .  Meanwhile, a cloud hangs over his boss , our future President.   Who knows what he knew and how he knew about Russian Hacking of the DNC, Hillary’s emails, et al?     This reminds me of Watergate on steroids.  Richard Nixon didn’t ask for Russia’s help?

Rex Tillerson also broke our Country’s laws by dealing directly with the Kurds knowing we had a one Iraq policy. Was he punished? Was Exxon Mobil sanctioned?

Why are these people above the Law? Why? 

Millions of minorities are jailed for less offenses. Why? Why is our country only concerned about the health and well being of the wealthy , as millions of our citizens starve? How can anyone still believe Trump will be good for this Country? He makes me weep for my children and grandchildren.  He makes me weep for what our Country has lost.

Now Trumps Cabinet is entitled to intelligence briefings and I’m scared for my Country and my children and grandchildren. I never felt this way before.  I feel betrayed by the people who are supposed to protect The Constitution and all Americans.

Entitlement has gone to a new level of Corruption and disregard for the safety of our fellow Countrymen . Our Constitution has been trampled. We have no Democracy. We have custom government for the very wealthy in Donald Trumps clique. To them espionage does not exist , it’s not personal, it’s all business !

Trump’s national security adviser shared secrets without permission, files show – The Washington Post

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    1. I agree. What more can we do 1/21 is too late? I will publish Electoral College names over the weekend for contact. Thanks for your support ! All the best. Joyce

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