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The Letter I Ascends, Part 2-01(1)What can ordinary citizens do to protest Trumps election?
Send letter to every Representative to the Electoral College. Protest at State Capitols tomorrow. The votes must be certified by the State’s Governor and Secretary of State.
All those phones calls to the US Attorney General in Washington couldn’t hurt either. They register our displeasure. The number listed for the AG is correct.  Below, a Conservative Republican recants;

I’m a conservative, not a “Judas goat.” But that’s what a Trump 
supporter from the tribal bubble I helped create called me.

By Monday evening after Certification,  the votes are sent to the VP , members of the House and the Senate, opened and counted on Friday, January 6 th.  None of these dates are cast in stone or are mandated by the Constitution. The December 19 th or 20 th date was established by Congress as law in 1948. Congress has the power to delay the recount or ask for extraordinary review of the facts before citing a clear winner.

Ask your Congressman or woman to delay the count pending The Government’s review of the facts: Russia hacked and selectively interfered in our Democratic process. The DNC and their candidates were targeted for the benefit of Russia and others.

While the RNC was hacked as well, no information was disseminated about them? Why? We can only guess why Russia felt it was important to tamper with our Democratic process. Why were they scared of a Clinton Presidency? After a 30 yr relationship, cited in the Financial Times, with Donald Trump and some of his Cabinet, why did Russia Aid and abet Trump?  Why did Donald Trump request the hacking of Hillary’s emails? Why did Mike Flynn spread fake news about Hillary? Why was Brietbart complicit?

Vladimir Putin is being rewarded for his attack on the United States.

Last, why did our press and media, TV and other luminaries, fail to report accurately on these events? Why did they fail to report who constituted Trumps kitchen cabinet? If we the people had known in advance, all the information we’re receiving now, it would have changed the course of our election and our history. Too many, after seeing Trump’s selections for his Cabinet and the Country’s Security have buyers remorse.

We the people have not been treated with the respect we deserve. Our trusted institutions failed us, just as I fear , a Trump administration will! Our Federal Institutions have served the needs of the American people. If they are dismantled, Trump and cronies stand to profit, are ” we the People ” going to continue to suffer?

Think members of the Electoral College, do we really want a Demagogue and his clique for our next President with his Cronies?

Thank you for listening dear followers. See you Monday on Periscope!
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